This section will present all the charity, social and environmental initiatives we are  collaborating with, explaining in detail how VGWB games are contributing to them.


Pilot Projects

We are currently contacting with several non-profit NGOs to understand well their needs and check how we can collaborate in their initiatives.

Our goal is to define soon which good causes we will support with our pilot projects during 2015.

If you want to recommend an NGO or an initiative, please write us!


Concrete Objectives

The collaboration between a game publisher/developer and an NGO is always to accomplish a well-defined and concrete objective: either a full initiative/project or a specific part of it.

It’s simpler to explain using a concrete example. Imagine an NGO operating in a developing country, focusing on children education. One of their projects is about building a school. A game could collaborate financing the construction of that specific school (or a part of it).


Binding Games and Causes

Selecting which causes to support is not an obvious task, but we have some clear ideas to start from.

We plan to involve directly the publishers/developers in this process: they are the ones financing so they must be convinced by the cause

Moreover, as much as possible, we plan to bind together games and initiatives about similar topics (i.e. a football game with a sport program with kids, an educational game with a school initiative in a developing country, etc…)