Since VGWB it´s just starting to operate, we don’t have yet a portfolio of games. We plan to have our first games during 2015.


Pilot Projects

We are actively looking for the first games willing to contribute to a good cause!

Our plan is to select few pilot projects with which establish the collaboration during 2015, and this way be able to test, improve and validate the whole system before opening our label to as many games as possible starting from 2016.

If you are interested in proposing a game as a pilot project… please let us know!


Our Values

During our game selection, we will also check if the game content is in line with our values.

It´s not easy to define clear boundaries since each game is unique and addresses a topic in a different way.

For example, it may seem obvious that VGWB games should not include violence, but what about a war game delivering a critic message about the war itself? It may be worth collaborating with such a game even if it includes violence!

So, for the moment, we prefer to say that VGWB games must not promote negative values like violence, racism, exploitation, etc…

We know it´s a sensible subject and we are open to any feedback and also to review this policy in any moment.