VIDEO GAMES WITHOUT BORDERS (or VGWB) is a non-profit organization and a global community of people that believe in digital games to change the world for better.

We try to maximizes video games positive contribution to society by:

  • DEVELOPING GAMES IN THE POOREST REGIONS OF THE PLANET to finance charity projects right there while training young developers and promoting the local culture internationally
  • BUILDING AN INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY, involving talents from both developed and developing countries, in which industry veterans mentor students and junior developers
  • ENCOURAGING SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF COMMERCIAL GAMES, promoting positive values and facilitating win-win synergies between the games industry and NGOs

A Brief Introduction

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Meet the Team

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Video Games Without Borders is a registered non-profit organization in Spain (Asociación Videojuegos Sin Fronteras).

We are very interested in your contributions and all sorts of contributions are welcome. Please contact us!