Here’s a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions… if you can’t find your answer, please write us.


Q: Where is VGWB based and where does it plan to operate?

A: VGWB is a non-profit association officially registered in Spain. We are nomads and we work mainly online so we don´t have a precise address to give, let´s say we are based in Barcelona (Spain). We have the ambition to operate worldwide, even if we know it may take some time. We have already registered the web domain in several languages, even if the website is not localized yet.:

  • ​ (Eng)
  • (Ita)
  • (Spa)
  • (Fre)
  • (Por)
  • (Ger)


Q: What contributions does VGWB need?

A: VGWB is still in its infancy so we still need a bit of everything: from Web Design to Communication, from Programming to Marketing, from Art to Community Management, from Translators to Legal Counseling.

Be sure to check the Help Us! section for more details. We are confident we will be able to find lot of volunteers! 🙂


Q: Does VGWB plan to directly develop video games?

A: Yes, we are open to any scenario that will help us in achieving our mission. So we will develop games, by ourselves or in collaboration with our partners.


Q: Does VGWB plan to finance/publish video games?

A: Again, we are open to any scenario that will help us in achieving our mission. So we may finance or publish games, by ourselves or in collaboration with our partners.


Q: Will VGWB focus only on “serious games”?

A: No. The main focus is on “commercial games” and taking advantage of their commercial success to finance good initiatives around the world. We are open to collaborate with serious games or social impact games but we don´t plan to focus only on them.


Q: On which platforms VGWB games will be available?

A: Any platform! We don´t have any limitation about platforms, even if at the beginning we expect most of the games to be available for Mobile and PC.


Q: Will VGWB focus only on new games?

A: No. We are open to collaborate with any game at any moment of their life cycle. Apart from collaborating with new releases from their launch day, we consider interesting to start the collaboration while re-launching a game after the initial sales are slowing down. We also see opportunities in old games that are distributed at budget price or even distributed for free. The best strategy will be decided case by case together with the developer/publisher.


Q: How VGWB is planning to finance itself?

A: We are experimenting many different things, not only on the various projects (games + causes) but also on the best business model for VGWB, always keeping in mind our high-level objectives:

  • Maximize video games contribution to good causes around the world
  • Make VGWB financially sustainable in the long run

At this stage we expect to end up using a mixed funding model including:

  • Retain a small revenue percentage of the games we actively contributed in developing or publishing
  • Donations
  • Crowdfunding (especially for specific investments like developing a certain game)

In line with our transparency policy, we plan to provide all details about our funding at the right moment.


Q: Will VGWB games feature in-game Ads?

A: We are investigating this point (also from the technical point of view) and we don´t have a clear position about it yet. At the moment, we are skeptical about including Ads that are not in line with our values.