Great collaborators for a great game!

VGWB is proud to announce the collaboration with the Twins Ouattara on the first tale of  “One World, a Million Stories”, its first project,

Assane et Ousséni Ouattara are local artists, experts in African masks and sculptures.

“Les Jumeaux” (The Twins), like everybody calls them here in Burkina Faso, will share with us their deep knowledge of African culture and traditions, helping us in maintaining the authenticity of the traditional tale we will adapt to become an interactive story, a “One World, a Million Stories” 🙂

In exchange, VGWB is helping them in gaining international visibility to their art, both traditional copies and contemporary creations.


You can check their website, even if it’s still work-in-progress and it’s only available in French for now: Art Watt.

You can also follow them on Facebook!


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