Welcome on board, Shay!

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When I met Shay Drohan for the first time it was only one month ago:  it was the last day before leaving for Africa.

Like always, we were overwhelmed by the thousands of things that resist to be done until the very last minute! 🙂

A common friend (thanks Luis!) had put us in touch and we took the time to meet that afternoon.

Shay has extensive experience in global marketing having worked in two of the world’s largest multi-national companies, Unilever and The Coca-Cola Company. Now he is dedicating full time to help charities and other NGOs.

His motto is “Applying global marketing experience to the world of philanthropy” … and he is now part of the VGWB team as Global Marketing Advisor.

Shay, I´m so happy that I took the time to meet you that afternoon, that you liked our project and accepted to join us!

Welcome on board 🙂



PS: meet the full VGWB Team following this link.