German Developer Award 2022 for “Antura & the Letters”

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On December 8, the German Developer Award 2022 (Deutscher Entwicklerpreis) was awarded to the best games of German-speaking developers & publishers… and we are very proud to announce that Antura & the Letters has won the award in the category Special Award for Social Commitment – presented by Gaming-Aid e.V.!

The Antura Initiative is an applied research program investigating the use of games for children’s education and psychosocial well-being. In 2016, it started with the development and distribution of an arabic literacy game to help Syrian refugee children acquire the basics of reading in their mother tongue. Then the trajectory shifted to the development and distribution of a game teaching the basics of a foreign language, aiding the integration of refugees in a host country. In light of the war in Ukraine, new language versions were developed, focusing on countries like Poland, Romania, Moldova and Hungary, that are hosting the most refugees from Ukraine. The app helps children acquire a basic vocabulary of the respective host country and is also intended to provide them with further psychosocial support.