Learn about social innovation with “Voy a La Noria”

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10 years ago the Center for Social Innovation La Noria opened its doors with the goal to promote social innovation in the Province on Malaga (Spain). Today we release our latest production, Voy a La Noria, a puzzle game in which we simulate the work done by the center.
In each game we will have to try to achieve the maximum social impact in the province of Malaga by locating different projects so that they perform their work optimally and have the greatest possible social impact on the territory. All the projects used are part of the program of support for Social Innovation that La Noria and the Provincial Council of Malaga have carried out together with La Caixa Foundation since the foundation of the center 10 years ago.

The video game aims to present La Noria and its work to anyone who plays it, making known a large number of projects that have passed through the center during these 10 years.
The objectives of the game are:
– disseminate the work of La Noria focusing on the Social Innovation projects carried out within the collaboration agreement with La Caixa Foundation.
– to transmit key concepts of the center’s work (territory where it operates, social innovation projects it develops and key concepts of its technical work)
– to review in a few minutes the key aspects of the center in a playful, simple and accessible way to any audience.

Discover more about the project on Github: https://github.com/vgwb/LaNoria