Presenting IEEDO: digital self-learning for refugees!

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We are very satisfied with the success of the Spanish event “The video game as social impact generator” that was held yestarday at La Noria, Malaga.
Apart from listening to various inspiring case study about using video games for social impact, we had the opportunity to present in detail our latest games “Voy a La Noria” and “IEEDO“.

Using innovative game based learning methodologies, the Erasmus+ funded IEEDO project aims to reduce the disparity refugees and humanitarian migrants currently face in European adult education, helping them to develop skills and knowledge for digital self-learning. Thus, building resilience through innovative customised eLearning resources. The project will also support adult/ community education providers and tutors, to reduce the disparity individuals face in European adult education.

The whole event was streamed on Youtube, so you can rewatch at anytime here.

Thanks to everybody who attended the event!