Developing the poorest neighborhood

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On Wednesday we visited the Rimkieta neighborhood, one of the poorest of Ouagadougou and, most likely, of the whole world. It’s there that the Friends of Rimkieta Foundation (in Spanish, “Fundación Amigos de Rimkieta” – FAR) is based and has operated everyday since 2004. They are doing a great job for the development of the area, mainly through education projects. Their basic principle is simple: offer great services at a very cheap price (not completely free because otherwise it may be perceived as not valuable). Apart from the typical children education projects (also for kids that were working in the street) they offer loans for purchasing bicycles (indispensable for being able to work out of the neighborhood), they built a vegetable garden that local women take care of and use to feed their family… and many more!

You can read more about them and their projects on their website.

As you can see in the pictures, apart from being very useful, the FAR building is also very nice 🙂

Thanks a lot to FAR for the warm welcome and for sharing their successful experience with us!

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  1. Juan Carlos Vázquez-Dodero

    Muchas gracias por vuestras calurosas palabras.
    Nos tenéis en Rimkieta para lo que se os presente.
    Un cariñoso abrazo,

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