Committed with Sustainable Development

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Since the very beginning we clearly stated that, with our games, we were aiming at helping GOOD CAUSES around the world!

The concept of Good Cause may seem straightforward but it’s not that easy to define precisely and in a global form, meaning that it’s generic enough to be applied anywhere in the world.

The United Nations faced the same challenge when they first set the Millennium Development Goals back in 2000, when they identified 8 key global challenges to address by 2015.

Giving a 15-years time frame allowed to setup strategies and implement actions to really have an impact. 2015 has arrived, lot has been done… but lot is still to be done!

So few months ago a new Agenda for Sustainable Development until 2030 has been signed by all UN member states: the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs.

SDGs are 17 specific goals covering all sort of human need, form poverty to health, from education to gender equality, from environment to reduction of inequalities…

We at VGWB strongly believe that Sustainable Development is unavoidable: we can’t really progress as humanity without achieving the SDGs.

That’s why our commitment is stronger than ever and we’ll do our best to maximize video games contribution to the SDGs.


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