Sustainable Games at the Global Game Jam 2016

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Last weekend thousands of game developers from all around the world accepted the challenge of creating a video game in 48 hours: it was the Global Game Jam!

VGWB attended the event in Madrid (Spain) and challenged the developers with a Local Diversifier (in addition to the official Diversifiers):

Sustainable Game: your game is about at least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Few teams accepted the challenge and a couple of them were awarded!



(Winner for Best Game / Mention for Art)

OCD is about the Obsessive–compulsive disorder, and it succeeds in making you feel the mental illness!



3 Days…



(Winner of Best Art / Mention for Sustainable Game)

3 Days puts the spotlight on Border-Crossing reality in many parts of the world!



A very special thanks to the organization, the game developers and the jury!



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