Happy birthday VGWB!

Today is Video Games Without Borders birthday!

Two years have passed already since the day our Association was founded, even if it feels like yesterday.

In these two years we had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people and learn a lot from them.

Today is also a good moment to check what we have achieved so far:

  • our first game (Antura and the Letters) will be released next month with the ambition to help Syrian refugee families who have their children out-of-school because of the conflict
  • we have 2 other games in the works (One World, a Million Stories and an unannounced project in collaboration with the French Red Cross)
  • our Community is about to reach 150 members including talents from all continents
  • we established collaboration with several Universities and Schools all around Europe
  • we have been invited to present our vision and our projects at several international events like like UNESCO IPDC Talks (Paris), Games For Change Festival (New York City), NGDC 2016 (Hyderabad, India), etc…

All this would not have been possible without the many people who helped and supported us during this two years.

Thanks a lot everybody!


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