International Women’s Day

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Video Games Without Borders joins International Women’s Day celebrations and committments.

We have into our agenda equal opportunities for everybody and we work to end gender inequality.

“Only about 50 per cent of working age women compared to 76 per cent of men is represented in the labour force globally today, and women take on 2.5 times more unpaid work than men. The global gender pay gap is 23 percent.”

This is the real world for women on the big scale according to the last UN report.

On the day by day, women are suffering the lack of gender in all the countries.

We join UN WOMEN in celebrating and committing to the goals of 50-50 for 2030.

The future is now, and the most powerful tool we have is technology’s fast implementation all over the world.

Developing games to give equal opportunities of learning and empowering is our pledge.

We belive in games. Do you?

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