When we play, we learn.

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It’s magic when you brain starts to smile. Your fingers are faster and your body gets close to the screen. The eyes are in a new land of discovery. Your face is a exciting sensation of joy. You can hear the shine at your cheek.

That is. The end of the line. The kids are playing. Learning and discovering.

Boys and girls from Syria. Now with a smile in their faces. This is our reason to be. Our goal. Video Games Without Borders means that.

We are so proud to be part of this smiles. We are so proud of our teammates. Cologne Game lab and Wixel Studios. And we are grateful to NORAD who organized EduApp4Syria. “we must or act now or we stand to lose a entire generation”

Antura and the Letters helps kids to learn Arabic with Antura, the dogs who loves adventure. http://www.antura.org

Now is time to give the kids the chance to play.

Thanks to mashable.com for the article. 


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