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We are working hard at VGWB. The goal is crystal clear, it’s in our DNA. Change our society through video games.

When we are asked about our business model, the answer is one: we look for the maximum social impact with the greatest benefit to the community.

But then, what about us? How do we finance a company of the third sector? Being a non profit NGO does not mean that we cannot have economic gains that allow us to have a solid structure that gives the organization a sustained growth, money to be reinvested in designing more video games that will help improving our society. We have bills and salaries to pay like any other organization. We keep reinvesting to support our growth and in becoming more competent, not competitive.

This is one of the key points of any NGO. Donations, subsidies, sponsorships, sales … there are so many of them that you may get lost. Our driver is the emotion, the need for change, the illusion to help and build a friendlier environment. And there we have the trust, the tenacity and the constancy that make us unstoppable. And that make us fragile. If we do not know how to sustain ourselves, we will not be able to sustain anything.

In order to be, to design, to build, to grow… you have to establish a real structure. That is one of our great territories to discover and for that we need help from others. We are proud to be one of the NGOs that have passed that second phase within the B-Value program or have been selected for BBVA Momentum.

We need help. Be guided to move in a new and unexplored territory. We want to change a commodified society with the tools that companies use and change the paradigm. Gains are reinvested in the development of new projects and in building us solidly. That way we will become the engine of social change and we will be able to dedicate our efforts in fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals. Like us, thousands of people around the globe try to become competent and establish strategic alliances with companies that have a good Corporate Social Responsibility component. With the aim to give back to the planet. Acting like Jiminy Cricket on the shoulder of the brilliant minds, who may only look at filling the pockets of their shareholders.

This planet has enough resources and human talent so that all of us can make a change. We do not need to be the owners, we just need to be part of the engine.

Companies are looking for something more than economic profitability and need to give back to society social construction tools. How do we face these common challenges in this first quarter of the century?

Let us take advantage of the present to re-design the present continuous. Each one of us brings its own grain of sand. VGWB will bring what has made us grow and learn in our evolutionary process: games. And with the best of that future that we designed years ago in the imagination of some thinking heads: video games.

As an industry, video games are one of the most rich markets of the entertainment industry. Profitability is proven. It surpasses the cinema industry.

Now, let’s take the things that interest us and transform the concept. Build video games to build a society where we all have room. Let’s share knowledge and learn to travel together on this blue planet we call Earth.

We believe in games. Do you?

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