VGWB seeks Tales for Peace

There are days on the calendar that are marked with a special emphasis. September 21 is the International Day of Peace and today we join in its celebration.


We can not build a society if we are not in Peace, if we do not develop solid Institutions that defend it and that promote a future based on our capacity to be global citizens, just and active, with a critical vision and a spirit capable of transforming it through of a strong education in values. We need generosity and sharing on this planet. Friendship between peoples and respect for universal justice guarantees our solidarity, respect and honesty.


Peace Day is also part of the global goals set by world leaders to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new agenda for sustainable development. Each objective has specific targets to be achieved by 2030: they are the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (SDGs).


Objective No. 16 PEACE, JUSTICE AND SOLID INSTITUTIONS, sums up the code of conduct and good practices, and it’s one of the pillars in order to transmit those values. That is why we are looking for stories that are representative of what PEACE means. Stories that transmit us the values ​​of this society that we build with the serenity of those who do not feel threatened their modus vivendi, and with the urgency of the people who need help to have a peaceful life.


Those are the stories that define us, that prepare us for an urgent and necessary culture of Peace and Security in our democratic states. That is why, from Video Games Without Borders, we are looking for companies and NGOs that want to collaborate in the creation of the PEACE TALE.


In VGWB we are developing an application, an APP, where all those stories form the interactive library of the SDGs. That way we will tell and build the values ​​that are necessary to develop a culture of peace and understanding among peoples.Technology is a powerful tool to express the responsibility that urges us to change in order to illuminate a common path we share on this planet. And video games one of its magical instruments to actively involve families in this process. This way, children from every corner of the planet can share stories and grow in peace.


Do you want to be part of them? Do you want to sponsor the tale of Peace? Does your company work in the construction of PEACE?


One World to Million Stories, is our commitment to count the 17 Sustainable Development Goals through interactive tales that help us all build a more solidary present. Because we all need each other in the change of course that we have to take.
We can dream it, we can build it.



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