We won the Titanium “SERIOUS GAME OF THE YEAR”

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Yesterday we were awarded at the Fun & Serious Festival at the Titanium´s Prizes with Antura and the Letters. And we are celebrating.


“The Oscars for the video game industry.”
-Justin Richmond, director of Uncharted 3



Francesco Cavallari picked up the prize in Bilbao.


In addition to the acknowledgments already expressed on the stage, reiterate the sensitivity of NORAD, developing an international contest for the literacy of Syrian children displaced by the war. It is not very common today that videogames are considered a “serious” format to improve people’s lives, beyond leisure and competition. But this vision of just being a leisure item is changing.


Videogames are becoming a powerful tool to impact people’s lives and help them improve. This is one of the premises of Video Games Without Borders and its reason for existing.


That is why, when we decided to participate in EduApp4Syria, along with Cologne Game Lab and Wixel Studios, we knew that the challenge was to bring basic education to thousands of children born in war and avoid the loss of an entire generation without schooling. Antura and the Letters, has given us more joys, like having news of its use by women to learn to read.


Technology has given us the opportunity to work where a smartphone was. Behind his keys, a naughty dog ​​that took you to relocate the lost “flock” of letters and words. The challenge make it interesting. Give those children huddled in a tent, the ability to play and learn to read. So the prize is shared. All the people who interact with Antura have a smile and one more word that is drawn on the head. Our ability to learn, to assimilate concepts goes through the ability to fascinate and catch our curiosity. In this, video games are the kings.


The present that we have on this planet that we share makes us more open. We have never been so connected. And that connectivity will continue to grow in order to make this world more just and sustainable for all. At VGWB, we are committed to being part of this change. In putting the talent of an entire community of almost 200 people spread across 26 countries at the service of the challenges of this millennium.


Everything can be a videogame, it is our best way to learn. Let us make it possible for all of us to make the objectives of sustainable development a reality. Playing among all in order to reach a literacy of all the people who live here. The planet has plenty of resources to understand and approach us. And the videogame is the best of the tools we have for our learning. We share experiences, we create changes in people. Videogames have the power to change reality. That’s why we make them.


Thanks to Fun & Serious Games Festival for this award. Thanks to all the people who made it possible.


Here more pics of the Gala




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