Since VGWB it´s just starting to operate, we don’t have yet a full portfolio of games. Our first game is currently in development and we plan to have more games coming soon.

Pilot Projects

We are actively looking for the first games willing to contribute to a good cause. At the same time, we are contacting with several non-profit NGOs to understand well their needs and check how we can collaborate with their initiatives.

Our plan is to select few pilot projects with which establish the collaboration during 2015, and this way be able to test, improve and validate the whole system before opening our label to as many games as possible starting from 2016.

If you are interested in proposing a game or recommend an NGO for our pilot projects… please let us know!

Our Values

During our game selection, we will also check if the game content is in line with our values.

It´s not easy to define clear boundaries since each game is unique and addresses a topic in a different way.

For example, it may seem obvious that VGWB games should not include violence, but what about a war game delivering a critic message about the war itself? It may be worth collaborating with such a game even if it includes violence!

So, for the moment, we prefer to be generic and say that VGWB games must promote positive values.

We know it´s a sensible subject and we are open to any feedback and also to review this policy in any moment.

Concrete Objectives

The collaboration between a game publisher/developer and an NGO is always to accomplish a well-defined and concrete objective: either a full initiative/project or a specific part of it.

It’s simpler to explain using a concrete example. Imagine an NGO operating in a developing country, focusing on children education. One of their projects is about building a school. A game could collaborate financing the construction of that specific school (or a part of it).

VGWB will take care of following up all the social, charity and environmental initiatives in order to keep players informed about their progress.

Binding Games and Causes

Selecting which causes to support is not an obvious task, but we have some clear ideas to start from.

We plan to involve directly the publishers/developers in this process: they are the ones financing so they must be convinced by the cause.

Moreover, as much as possible, we plan to bind together games and initiatives about similar topics (i.e. a football game with a sport program with kids, an educational game with a school initiative in a developing country, etc…) for several reasons:

  • it’s more likely that the players are interested in that specific initiative and that the contribution is a real added value for them
  • it’s more likely that the initiative is relevant for the game developers, allowing a smoother and deeper  collaboration
  • it’s easier to explain and to understand, making it a more powerful story for our media partners

Still some doubts? Check the FAQ section.