Quality Education for All

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  In the year 2000, as part of the Millennium Development Goals, the United Nations set an ambitious objective for humanity: Achieve Universal Primary Education by 2015. Even if the objective was not 100% achieved, a lot has been done! Unfortunately the Millennium Goal … Continued

Lecture in Barcelona

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This week we visited ENTI – Escola de Noves Tecnologies Interactives: the first university degree in video games in Barcelona! We are confident to have more and more students joining our Dev Community… Thanks a lot for the warm welcome: … Continued

Granada Gaming Festival

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Yesterday we gave a speech at the Granada Gaming Festival during the Networking event for games industry professionals. It has been a great event, where we met lot of passionate developers and other professionals working closely with the games industry! VGWB … Continued

Back at the University

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Here we are: the first VGWB lecture at the University! FROM COMMERCIAL GAMES TO VIDEO GAMES WITHOUT BORDERS Francesco Cavallari shares what he learned during his 15 years experience in Ubisoft, covering all sort of topics: from programming to production, … Continued

VGWB is now an official organization!

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May the 26th, 2015! This is the official date of birth of VGWB… … well, to be precise, it’s the date of birth of “Videojuegos Sin Fronteras”, the Association registered under the Ministry of Home Affairs of Spain. We would like VGWB … Continued

Welcome on board, Shay!

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When I met Shay Drohan for the first time it was only one month ago:  it was the last day before leaving for Africa. Like always, we were overwhelmed by the thousands of things that resist to be done until the very … Continued