We are the Champions!

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The kids of our¬†district, the same ones that¬†we see everyday playing in the streets, came to visit us this morning. They¬†wanted to show us their¬†Cup: they just won 2-1 the final of¬†the¬†school tournament (at which¬†took part 12 teams). All kids … Continued

A refreshing Sunday

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We all know the unstoppable attraction between Miriam and the kids… … well, last Sunday we were given another proof of that. Check¬†out this video and see what happened when¬†we¬†went to La Guinguetta (a local river) to spend a refreshing … Continued

Play Testing in Africa

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Miriam and Francesco are walking in Bob-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) and they cross with a group of kids. The kids start singing “Tubabu! Farafi” (that means “White people! Black people!” in the local language). The song finally converts into a game … Continued

The Orphanage of Samandeni

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Last Friday we visited the Orphanage of Samandeni, about 40km from Bobo-Dioulasso, during the celebration of the¬†local festival. Supported by the french association “Le Neemier”, the orphanage takes care of 14 wonderful¬†children, and it’s also a reference for the whole … Continued