Welcome on board, Shay!

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When I met Shay Drohan for the first time it was only one month ago:  it was the last day before leaving for Africa. Like always, we were overwhelmed by the thousands of things that resist to be done until the very … Continued

A refreshing Sunday

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We all know the unstoppable attraction between Miriam and the kids… … well, last Sunday we were given another proof of that. Check out this video and see what happened when we went to La Guinguetta (a local river) to spend a refreshing … Continued

Literacy for women

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This week we visited the local office of CatSya, a Catalan association that runs several projects in Bobo-Dioulasso (Sya is the old name of the city). One of their projects is about literacy for women. Still too many women can´t read and write … Continued

Play Testing in Africa

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Miriam and Francesco are walking in Bob-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) and they cross with a group of kids. The kids start singing “Tubabu! Farafi” (that means “White people! Black people!” in the local language). The song finally converts into a game … Continued

Mama Africa

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It’s enough to spend a couple of days here to understand the huge contribution of African women to their society. They take care of their kids, transport water from the well to the house, cook for the whole family, sell fruits and vegetables, … Continued

The Orphanage of Samandeni

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Last Friday we visited the Orphanage of Samandeni, about 40km from Bobo-Dioulasso, during the celebration of the local festival. Supported by the french association “Le Neemier”, the orphanage takes care of 14 wonderful children, and it’s also a reference for the whole … Continued

The importance of water

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Burkina Faso landscape is mainly dry tropical savanna and it usually looks like this. It may seem desolated but, as soon as water is properly controlled and used, it becomes a fertile land for agriculture and wildlife! Enjoy these pictures of … Continued