VGWB is now an official organization!

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May the 26th, 2015! This is the official date of birth of VGWB… … well,¬†to be precise, it’s the date of birth of “Videojuegos Sin Fronteras”, the Association registered under the Ministry of¬†Home Affairs of Spain. We would like VGWB … Continued

We are the Champions!

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The kids of our¬†district, the same ones that¬†we see everyday playing in the streets, came to visit us this morning. They¬†wanted to show us their¬†Cup: they just won 2-1 the final of¬†the¬†school tournament (at which¬†took part 12 teams). All kids … Continued

A day in the wood? No! At the University!

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On Monday we spent the morning at local Tech¬†University (Universit√© Polytechnique de Bobo-Dioulasso) and we met the Faculty¬†Director of Informatics (ESI – Ecole Superieur d’Informatique). The first impact with the¬†campus is a bit weird… it looks like getting lost¬†in the … Continued

Welcome on board, Shay!

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When I met Shay Drohan for the¬†first time it was¬†only one month ago: ¬†it was the last day before leaving for Africa. Like always, we were overwhelmed by the thousands of things that resist to be done until the very … Continued