The Orphanage of Samandeni

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Last Friday we visited the Orphanage of Samandeni, about 40km from Bobo-Dioulasso, during the celebration of the local festival. Supported by the french association “Le Neemier”, the orphanage takes care of 14 wonderful children, and it’s also a reference for the whole … Continued

The importance of water

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Burkina Faso landscape is mainly dry tropical savanna and it usually looks like this. It may seem desolated but, as soon as water is properly controlled and used, it becomes a fertile land for agriculture and wildlife! Enjoy these pictures of … Continued

Tubabu! Tubabu!

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Walking home after a long hot day in Bobo, we crossed a mom with two kids.The little girls screamed:”Tubabu! Tubabu!” which is a dioula (the local language) expression for white people.We looked at them and, with a big smile, started … Continued